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Learn to Safely and Effectively use a Firearm

Equipped to Carry offers leveled firearms training sessions taught by an NRA certified female instructor.
Classes range from ammo-free sessions to live-fire training at the range. You can also sign up to host a PRIVATE NC Concealed Carry Handgun class. Must have at least 6 to do a private class.

To book any class, call 704-221-2900


As a kid growing up, I always saw my step-father with an array of cleaning solutions, rags, and gun parts strewn about on the coffee table as he meticulously cleaned his pistols and rifles.  He was a Sheriff's Deputy in the K9-unit and guns were a part of every day life.  Ironically, I never had an interest in learning about firearms until much later.

My brother, also a deputy, finally convinced me it was time to learn!  I was 38 years old when I fired my first shot, and I've never looked back.  I fell in love with firearms training immediately and will never forget thinking to myself how awesome it would be to become a female instructor in a male dominated sport and help others like me! 

Fast forward to today and I've become an NRA certified instructor and a NC Concealed Carry Handgun certified instructor.  I've also been able to help others take the first steps on a lifestyle journey of firearms training.  My goal is to help grow the community of safe and responsible gun owners! 

Shooting Targets


​To book any class or if you have any questions, call 704-221-2900

  • One-on-one Ammo-free consultation: $50

We’ll spend 1-2 hours (depending on the group size) getting you familiar with the basics of safe handling and use of a handgun. You can take as many of these as needed to feel comfortable before heading to the range. This introduction class is 100% ammo-free and will utilize a laser system to simulate shot placement.

  • Beginners Group Session: $40 per person. 

    This is a great alternative for a 'Ladies Night!" This class runs approximately an hour and teaches SAFE handling of handguns and shooting fundamentals. This class is completely free of live ammo. The only items used will be dummy rounds and the laser system. We will have discussions on whatever topics are relevant to the group. 


  • Range session: $60 plus $15 range fee paid to Eagle Guns

We’ll spend approximately an hour getting you comfortable firing your handgun at Eagle Guns in Concord. We’ll work on the basics such as stance, grip, and shot placement.


  • PRIVATE NC Concealed Carry Handgun Permit Class: $100
    Your family, friend group, church, or business can book at PRIVATE CCH Permit Class. This means your group will host the class at a home, business, or church and I bring everything needed for the class. 


This class takes you through the shooting qualification as well as the instruction on NC Concealed Handgun Law and basics of pistol shooting. You will leave with your certificate which you will turn in to your county’s Sheriff’s Dept. to obtain your CCH permit.

This class is $100 and includes your certificate and law book. The range fee of $15 is paid separately to Eagle Guns if not shooting on client's own land. 




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